Monday, March 31, 2014

Women's Conference, P-Day Activities, and Mexican Tacos

First off this week, I loved Women's Conference! It was super good and I loved listening to the talks, even though they were in Spanish. I can understand better than the last conference, but I am hoping that next weekend I will be able to watch General Conference in English so that I can concéntrate more on the message of the talk rather than what they are saying. I am soooo excited for General Conference! I cannot wait!

Next, my companion and I are getting along better than before. We are helping one another and learning from one another, so I think that we will be fine.

This week, we tried so hard to have a baptism with an investigator whose mother and brother are already baptized. However, in the end it didn't happen, even though he has had everything he needs to be baptized. So, now we have two investigators with baptismal dates, A. for the 12th and K. for the 19th. A. is 19 years old and has been attending Institute with some friends. Now, he wants to be baptized! He is excited. Also, K. is excited, but is also sad because her husband isn't showing any interest in listening to us or in changing his life for the better. Can I just say that I am so grateful for the Word of Wisdom? Anyway, we hoping to help her be baptized with her husband, or if not, that she can at least be a good example in helping him be baptized later. We were really hoping to baptize the whole family together.

On the other hand, Hermana Morales wrote me and told me that this last week, one of my investigators in my last area was baptized, Hermana F. I am so happy for her! Her mom also is preparing to be baptized, and I am hoping that they will be able to follow through and stay strong.

So, this week my companion and I might be going to the temple with some members that we helped to "rescue." In our misión, we are only allowed to go to the temple with our converts or rescues that are taking our their endowments. We are really hoping that it happens, but it is not for sure because they are having some challenges in their family right now. So keep them in your prayers.

My folks asked me about my P-Days (Preparation Days). On most P-Days, our zone almost always plays soccer. I hate soccer. I have tried to play, but just feel stupid running back and forth, so I don't play. I have played volleyball with my zone a couple of times and it was alright. Normally, in my other zone, we would open up the doors to the sacrament meeting so that we see each other outside and I stay inside and play the piano. For me, playing the piano is how I can really diffuse some of my stress. I am so glad that I have some of my books with me. However, in this zone it's not really posible to open up the doors to the court outside, so I'm not sure what I will do. But hey, I'm teaching my companion how to play the piano, and this week, I will be starting to teach piano classes in the church. It will be great.

Last week for P-Day, my companion and I made Mexican tacos for the district. It was super yummy! Hermana Jaramillo knows how to make really good Mexican food (which makes sense because she is from Mexico), so I am trying to learn some recipes and tricks from her. Now, I know how to make tortillas, tacos, and Mexican eggs. yum!

Also, now on our P-Days, we have to stay within our zone. This means that unless we're in one of the provinces outside of Lima, there really isn't anything to go see. Pres. Archibald has really made the rules more strict, so now it's really hard to go anywhere as a zone to see things. Once every 3 months we're supposed have a P-Day Afuera ("outside"), but I haven't had one since I began my misión (when we went to central Lima). Now, for P-Days Afuera, we have to stay within the misión and more within our means. Last transfer, this zone had their P-Day Afuera and they went 15 mintues outside of their área to eat in a restuarant and come back. Lame, right? Anyway, hopefully I will get one more P-Day Afuera before I finish my misión and it will be somewhere cool.

Here in Peru, there have been a few days when I haven't been dying of heat, and the nights are starting to get pretty cool. I hope this means that Fall is on the way, because I am just tired of all the heat! Well that about wraps up this week. Thanks for all the prayers! We'll keep trying to save the world one Book of Mormon at a time -- ha ha!

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