Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Watching Conference, Memory Card Crash, and Vanilla Coke

I absolutely loved General Conference! I received the answers to all of the questions I have been fasting and praying about. I also got to listen to all the sessions in English, so it was easier for me to understand. I am super grateful for the opportunity we have to listen to God's prophets and apostles in these days. My testimony was strengthened and my enthusiasm for the work has increased!

Me and the other Hermanas in our Zone attending Conference
I am also really happy because one of our investigators, A., attended every single sesión of conference, even Priesthood Sessión! He really is embracing the Gospel and progressing toward his baptism this Saturday! Not only that, but he told us that he wants to serve a missión in a year! We are so excited for him!

So, i have some bad news too...my memory card was completely erased last week when I was on the internet! All of my pics are gone, and now my card has a virus or something because even though there are 10 pics, it says it is completely full. So, I plan on going somewhere to see if they can recupérate my pics. I will buy a USB and try to download the pics onto it. So, ya. Probably lost all of my photos, but life goes on. Luckily, I have printed off many of my pics from the last transfer and have them in my apartment, so at least I know that I have many of the most important memories saved!

Hey, my companion and I are getting along much better, and as a favor for my father, she said she'll teach me how to make some mean enchiladas! Yum! I am learning a lot from her about how to cook, it's pretty great!

Yum! I love Vanilla Coke Zero!
The other night when we went into a tienda to look for something, for the first time in my missión, I saw a vanilla Coke Zero! I was so excited that I had to buy it! I love vanilla Coke Zero!

Unfortunately, our appointment to the temple fell through because the family had an accident (but everyone is ok).

So happy birthday to my little brother and sister! Sorry I got your birthday cards mailed late, but they are on their way!!

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