Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter? Egg Bombs, and Almost a Baptism

So we didn't really do anything special for Easter. Here in Peru, it seemed like only the Catholics really celebrate Easter. The Catholic church down the street had lots of activities going on all during the week. I think they did a little procession or something because Friday or Thursday night they had this huge cross out in the street waiting for the meeting to end. Not sure what they did with it, but it was a little freaky. Our ward did absolutely nothing. It was kind of weird in Sacrament Meeting because only one of the speakers briefly mentioned Christ's resurrection, and no one said or did anything special. No hymns for Easter, no musical numbers, no talks about Christ, nothing! I was a little bummed.  But I remembered it was Easter and wore clothes that made me feel Eastery and I thought about Christ and it was good.

The day before Easter, we had a welcome BBQ for Andres, and my companion showed me a tradition at home in Mexico. In her family, they hollow out eggs and then fill them with confetti. When people are walking by their house or when they're with their family, they break the eggs over each other's heads. So, we made 6 confetti eggs for the activity. It was pretty fun to break one over my companion's head (hey, she started it first!).

My folks told me about the little earthquake back home in Utah. I have never felt an earthquake, and in Peru, they're supposed to have little ones all the time. That is so crazy that there was an earthquake! I'm just glad that everyone is safe and nothing was damaged. Makes me laugh that my parents' first thought was that my brother had done something to the house! Ha ha ha ha.

Well, bad news about the baptism for Hermana K. She was all excited the weekend before, but then her family came down for the birthday of her son and they talked her out of it. The day of her interview, she wasn't home, and every time we had an appointment she wasn't at home until Friday. We finally got the chance to talk with her, and she told us she no longer wanted to be baptized. We have faith that one day she'll be baptized, but it just might be by other missionaries. On the other hand, the Elders in our ward had a baptism on Saturday and it was super beautiful. They baptized the father of a family where everyone was a member but him. The Spirit was super strong and now they are excited to begin preparing to go to the temple in a year!

So I plan on leaving most of my clothing here in Peru when I come home from my mission. I am already sick of wearing a lot of things, and I know I won't wear them when I get back. I will probably only bring a few skirts and shirts home, and leave almost everything in Peru. There are actually quite a few latina missionaries that don't have a lot and don't have a ton of clothes. So, I will gladly leave things here for them to wear.

I forgot to bring my camera today, so I won't be able to send pics until next week. Lo siento! Thank you so much for everyone's letters and emails and words of encouragement! Hope everyone at home had a wonderful Easter!

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