Monday, March 3, 2014

Chest Therapy, Phlegm, and Catching Up

Loading sand bags at the bottom of the hill for our service activity
This week we had a service activity where we helped haul bricks and sand up a huge hill to where a family is constructing a house. Tough work!

Passing bricks up one at a time

This past week was also really rough because I ended up having to go to the clinic 4 different days. I'm starting the second half of the treatment for broncheus, which is a different inhaler and more jarabe (yuck!), and I had to go back for three days to get some chest therapy. The therapy was to help me get the phlegm (ew) out of my lungs. The therapist used a machine that compressed on my chest and then she
taught me some breathing exercises. Now, I just have to do the exercises and keep up with the inhaler and stuff. The worst is that I can't drink anything cold, and I have to drink really hot liquids throughout the day. The doctor said I should do it for about a month. I am dying of the heat here! But, if it means I can quit coughing, it's worth it.

At least they let me be at the top of the chain
I am just about healthy again, but our numbers this week are really low. We did divisions a couple of times in order to try to make up for the lessons, and we were still able to teach some new investigators. We want to work hard this week to make up for the numbers a little bit and get back to visiting all our investigators and less actives. This week we also had to drop quite a few investigators that we just can't find at home anymore, are always busy, or just aren't progressing. We want to be able to really focus on those that are progressing and find some promising new investigators.

We are teaching a PF named A., who is 13 years old and has a fecha for the 8th. We are really hoping that he is ready for the 8th and that his father, who is a Jehovah's Witness, allows him to be baptized. Pray that his heart will be opened! A. is really great and has already read more than 20 pages of the Book of Mormon! We are super excited for him!

The view from the top of the hill
Hermana Morales and Me at the top of the hill.
Good thing we're not afraid of heights.
Well, transfers are next week and I'm pretty sure I will be changed because I've been in this ward for 8 months now. If I stay for another transfer, I'll have 10 months here! Hermana Morales will finish her training this week, and is doing great. She is so ready to be a missionary and even train if she is asked to! She is a little nervous, but I know that she will be great! In some ways, I am ready to leave this area and go somewhere new. On the other hand, there is so much potential in this area and I love lots of the members. I will be sad to change, but I know that I can work hard wherever I am.

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