Monday, February 24, 2014

Feeling Better and Tortillas

Kind of a shorter blog this week as I was writing a few emails. So first off, I guess my Mom got a little freaked out about my bronchitis last week. Well, I am happy to say I am doing a little better than before, but still coughing a little. I got a priesthood blessing on Friday, and I have another appointment with the doctor on Wednesday, so hopefully they will give me the last of the medicine that I need to not cough anymore. Hey don't worry about the medical care, the mission sends us to the best places and we get all of the bells and whistles. I also got a phone call from my mission president's wife to make sure I was OK. So things are better on that front. No worries! Thanks everyone for the prayers and love!

So this past week, my companion and I have been trying to make tortillas because she has been missing them a lot (she is from Mexico). Well, her mom sent her the ingredients, but no instructions (I don't think her mom knows how to use a computer very well -- ha ha.) So if anyone has a good recipe for tortillas, and could send it to us, we would sure appreciate it!

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