Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Busy and Another Flea Circus

We were really blessed this week in being able to visit with many people. Can I just say it was a super crazy week? We taught more lessons in the past week than I have ever taught in one week during my mission so far! Needless to say, I am super tired! The Holy Ghost was definitely with us to tell us where we should go and what we should teach. We had the opportunity to give the first lesson to some of the families that we have found, and we also shared a family home evening. While no one has accepted a date for baptism, all of them said they will read and pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true. We have been practicing with one another how to invite people to be baptized, including a date. This week, we had the chance to meet a member's reference, named Hermana M. We did a short family home evening with her family, and then two days later we went back and taught the first lesson, in which she accepted not only to be baptized but to prepare for a date. She has definitely been prepared by the Lord! She recently returned home after a trip to visit her mother, who is a member. She told us that she was able to see how the gospel has blessed the life of her mother, and she now wants those blessings in her life. Visiting with her husband, however, will be a challenge because he is very Catholic and when we invite him to join us, he always has an excuse. We will continue working with this family so that not only Hermana M. is baptized, but hopefully also her daughter and her spouse!

Me and Hermana Morales overlooking Los Olivos
We have also been working with Hermano F. and his partner Casimira, who is less active. This family needs lots of help and patience, and tonight, we will be having family home evening with them. For the lesson, we are going to use some new booklets we received that teach about how to have a happier family. We've felt very strongly that we should help this family be married, and so we are looking into information for matrimonios masivos. We are hoping to strengthen and unify this family, and to help them be sealed in the temple one day. Because we have this cita with Casimira and Hermano F. tonight, it means we have to climb a huge hill to get to their home. At least I'm getting some exercise in.

These last few days have also been stressful because we are having another encounter with fleas! Two days ago, we could see fleas jumping around on our floor, so we went into crazy mode and cleaned and disinfected everything for almost 2 hours. We've just about killed all of them in our apartment. Then this morning, our neighbors called the exterminators because all of the houses in our area are having problems. I already told you that I had fleas once, so I know how it is, and about five days ago, I started getting what look like hives or a rash on my feet and ankles. Then, about three days ago, I started noticing a few flea bites. The puzzling thing is that if we have fleas, Hermana Morales should have a ton of bites too, right? Well, she only has one bite on all of her body. That's so not fair. So ya, that's my exciting story -- ha ha.

Hermana Morales and I are doing great, and she is really helping me with my Spanish and teaching. We are getting better, but we still have a lot to improve on. I know for sure that I need to train her better because Pres. Archibald called me last night to ask me why we still don't have any baptismal dates. He was not very happy and told me that I need to be better at inviting people to be baptized and that I need to teach Hermana Morales how to do so as well. Needless to say, I've been pretty stressed this week, but we've been working hard and this week we finally have a baptismal date for one of our investigators.
The weather here is getting hotter and hotter, but I think we're just about in the time of year when it is the hottest. We just sweat all day and do everything we can to stay out of the sun. Hermana Morales told me that in the summer at her house, everyone sleeps on the floor because it is cooler, and she has suggested that we do so one night because some nights are pretty warm. We'll see if we do, but definitely not until the fleas are all gone -- ha ha.

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