Sunday, June 30, 2013

Peru Here I Come!

I'll have more time to discuss the details tomorrow during my P-Day, but just a quick note to say that my visa finally arrived. Bittersweet in a way. I have been loving my time here in the New York New York South Mission. My companions have been fantastic. I was even looking forward to celebrating July 4th in New York City. But as it turns out, I only get the one week here.

I talked to my Lima Peru mission president before I left the Provo MTC and he warned me not to get too comfortable in New York. Looks like he was right. There were 6 other Hermanas who flew out with me from the MTC to New York New York South to wait for our visas to Peru, and only 3 of us got our visas. We fly out to Lima on Tuesday, July 2nd with a layover in Atlanta, GA. I am excited to go, but I will also miss New York.

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