Sunday, June 2, 2013

Long Days, Short Weeks

31 May 2013

It is so crazy how much time has passed since I got here...I am already over half-way done! I don't feel like I've changed a whole lot, or that I'm completely ready to go out into the mission field. I'm super excited, but also a little scared!

Hermana Lind, Elder Ah-You, and I welcoming new missionaries

Since I'm a Sister Training Leader (STL), I got to help welcome in the new district of missionaries the last couple of days. It was kinda weird telling the other district the rules and where to go and feels like I just barely got that talk myself! Hermana Lind, Elder Ah-You, Elder Stocks, and I tried to make them feel welcome and help them out. One way to try and break the ice was we showed them the "Chair Challenge." Our district  discovered the game about 5 days ago. Someone steps three foot-lengths back from the wall, then drags a chair in front of them. They put their head against the wall, grab the chair, and then try to stand up. The girls have no problem completing the challenge, but the is so hilarious to watch! I highly recommend trying it! It's a great laugh!
A Chilean man carrying a heavy load

Anyway, as a STL, I got to sit in on all of the orientation meetings and help "orient" them, which means I was able to listen again to President Tyler, who is so spiritual, and he gave them an entirely different talk than he gave to my district. I learned so much yet again, and I'm glad I got to sit in. He talked about how when he was in Chile, he took a picture of a small man with a large load walking along the side of the road. He likened what he was doing to what we need to do every day to carry our own large loads:

1. Use your head
2. Bow your head and bend your knees
3. Take small steps
4. When the load gets too heavy, lean on the rock

Be smart, pray, be patient, and lean on the Lord when times get tough. I think that is really great advice!

Still no word on my visa, although it is more than just me as I am sure a few of us will need to travel together. They told us that our tentative date to leave the MTC is June 18th, so at this point, I am almost expecting to just finish out here at the Provo MTC, and then hopefully Hermana Lind and the rest of us will be on our way straight to Lima.

On our way to Spanish class
So far, I have really enjoyed being part of the MTC choir that sings every Tuesday. It is such an incredibly spiritual experience, and you always get a great seat during the Tuesday Devotionals. However, the Tuesday after we leave, there is supposed to be a huge devotional where we're pretty sure the Prophet is going to come and speak, and they're planning to have the biggest MTC choir ever. Super bummed I can't be part of that! They're going to start practicing for it this next Tuesday, so I don't know if I'll go sing in the choir anymore or not...maybe I'll go to the practice just to sing and feel the spirit.

Anyway, other than that, nothing super crazy has happened this past week...just the same old MTC here! Lots of classes and long days, but the weeks always seem so short!

Thanks to all of my family and friends for the wonderful emails, letters, and packages. I feel so loved!! Don't worry, I am sharing all of the goodies with my roommates and the Elders in my district.

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