Sunday, June 23, 2013

Goodbye Provo MTC, Hello ...NY?

14 June 2013

This week in the MTC has been crazy!

My tripanionship said goodbye to all of the Elders in our Zone, which was great but also kind of sad. Our teachers weren't sure what to do with us since we'd been extended a week, and so we've been put with a couple of advanced districts in different zones. Yesterday we went to one district in the morning and another in the night. It was really cool to see how much I could understand! I've decided that listening isn't the hard part, it's the talking back. The people in the advanced districts are really nice and it was fun talking and teaching with them in Spanish. For the next few days we will continue to go to class with them so that we can continue to improve our Spanish.

The best part of this week was getting our reassignments! Our visas for Peru still haven't arrived, so we are all being temporarily reassigned to stateside missions while we continue to wait for our papers. We thought our reassignment letters would be in our mailbox after dinner on Thursday, so when we opened our mailbox at lunch and saw them inside, we were super excited! We ran outside and jumped up and down and read our letters one by one.

The mission where I will be serving while waiting is.......

New York New York South Mission!

The New York New York South Mission
I am totally stoked! I leave on Monday morning from the MTC at 3:30 AM. I then catch a flight from SLC at 7:20 AM going to Washington Dulles, DC. I arrive there around 1:34 PM. I then catch a flight from there at 2:22 PM to New York LaGuardia arriving around 3:42 PM. We met with some others Hermanas going to Peru that got reassigned as well, and there are two other sisters going to New York with me, so I won't be by myself in the airport, but I'm pretty sure I'm not sitting by them on the plane. I am soooo excited! New York City, here I come!
My MTC companions also found out their temporary missions today (sad they aren't coming with me). Hermana Lind got called to Billings, Montana and Hermana Jones got called to Texas, Fort Worth. They both leave on Tuesday morning. They are super excited too. 
The Unisphere in Queens

The letter doesn't say anything about what language I will be speaking, but I'm assuming it's like other USA foreign language missions, where you get put into areas that have more of the speakers of your language, and you may or may not have to teach in that language. I guess I will find out!

I get the opportunity to meet the new Mission President for Lima West on Saturday, so I'm super excited for that. He will be starting his new assignment on July 1st. Even though we may not be in Peru for a little while, we were all excited to meet with him and his wife. I also get to sing for the Prophet on Sunday, so that's awesome too. There are lots of people here at the MTC getting ready for the big meeting on Sunday, not to mention a lot of excitement and rumors going around. I looked at my mission yesterday online and saw that it covers Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. I am stoked! I really want my visa to come still, but I am totally fine with waiting and serving in New York for the time being!

I'm super glad to finally be able to go and do all the things I've been learning about for the past 7 weeks! My time here has been great, but I am so ready to go out into the field! My parents will update my contact information this next week once I get settled in, or you can always send me an email.

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