Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello and Goodbye NYC!

My time here in NYC started off crazy, but now I'm starting to get the hang of things a little better. However, my visa has arrived and now I'm off to Lima Peru! I am super excited!
I flew from SLC to Washington DC, and while in DC our flight was delayed for 2.5 hours because of a storm! We were eventually able to take off and arrive in NYC super late. On top of that, half of our group was missing at least one bag! Another sister and I were missing both of our bags! As if I wasn't already stressed out enough! Fortunately, I had headed the MTC packing list and had packed a few extra outfits and pjs in my carry on, so I was able to last a few days without all of my things.
We were picked up from the airport by our mission president and we went straight to his house because we didn't have time to do any of the other activities that were usually planned for new arrivals.
The next day, we went to our mission headquarters and met our new companions! My companion's names are Hermana Sanchez from New Jersey and Hermana Watts from California. This is Hermana Watt's 3rd transfer and she had been trained for her first two by Hermana Sanchez (who is on her 9th transfer), so they know each other really well. They had been serving in Dyker, and that's where I was assigned too. While we were at the church, everyone else recieved their bags, except for me...I was starting to get really worried!
My Hermanas were really nice and let me borrow some of their things and helped me feel super welcome into my new home. My luggage did finally come, and I got it back on Wed. night!
My first couple of days are kind of a blur, but overall I had the opportunity to attempt at talking in Spanish to some less active members and have some NYC experiences like riding the subway. NYC is definitely full of people, and it's a world different from Utah! There are lots of gross smells and trash, but on the other hand there are actually lots of nice people. You just have to get to know them, and they will welcome you.
On Fri, I had the opportunity to help teach an investigator. All I really did was bear my testimony of the Plan of Salvation, but I could feel the Spirit so strongly! It was a neat experience and I had words put into my mouth of what I should say, even though my Spanish is terrible. I know the Holy Ghost was bringing things to my rememberance.
Yesterday, I played the piano in sacrament meeting because no one here plays the piano or the organ. I would have played the organ if I had had more practice. I feel bad that I have to leave and they won't have anyone to play again. The Bishop also had me bear my testimony in front of the whole meeting. I was so nervous! But I think I said things ok, because everyone smiled at me afterwards...
Today, being P day, my district let me choose what activities to do because this is my first and only P day in NYC. We went on a ferry that goes in front of the Statue of Liberty, and it was super cool! Later we are going to go get some good NY pizza! Super excited!
Overall, I am so glad I was able to be here and meet new people and experience NYC. I am super excited for Peru, and maybe I will be able to bring something new there from what I have learned here.

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