Sunday, May 19, 2013

Meetings, Rules, and a Trip to the Provo Temple

May 10th, 2013

I have been learning lots since I got here. I have gone to lots of meetings and orientations since I started, and I've been memorizing a gazillion rules, but I think I will have it all down really soon. The MTC has been a good experience thus far; it's actually been refreshing to not worry about the cares of the world. However, I have on several occasions reached down to grab my phone out of my pocket only to remember that I bestowed it upon Alex at the California Pizza Kitchen.

The food here really isn't bad, I'm just trying to eat more of the healthier things. It is pretty amusing though when I see elders sit down with like 4 plates of food and some dessert on their plates...I don't know how they can eat so much!!! My hermanas and I are excersizing almost every day so we can keep off any weight. Hermana Jones has run a marathon and hermana Lind is also a pretty good runner because her mom is a marathon runner and has taught her some things. Over all, I think I'll be pretty healthy while I'm here.

My mission president is named Pres. Tyler. He is way amazing! He is way nice and I know he knows the gospel really well. I had an interview with him yesterday night and he told me he was glad that I came here at 21 because I am more mature and have lots of wisdom. Well, I don't know about the wisdom, but I do feel like I am comfortable with myself. Some of the Elders in my zone seem to be struggling a little bit with being reverent, so maybe maturity will be a bigger influence on them.

So far, I have been really humbled by how much i need to learn while I'm here. My Training Hermanas and Hermanos are really great at speaking spanish, and they impressed me even more when they told me they had only been in the MTC for only 4 weeks! I hope that I can be so far along at that time. Even though Spanish has been hard, I can already feel el don de lenguas helping me to remember everything I learned in my half-semester class! I think I can do this! My teachers are really great, and I think they will be a great help. They have taken a very similar approach to teaching as my Spanish teachers at BYU, which has been pretty nice for now.

I had the opportunity to go to the temple this morning and do an endowment session. It was really good to go again. I was able to understand a lot more and retain it afterwards. I think we get to go once a week, so I look forward to learning more before leave (if I'm still here that is!).

There are lots of people waiting for visas here, and not just for Peru. My companion got her call a month after I did, so she didn't put her visa application in until mid Feb. That means she will probably stay here for the duration of her 6 weeks. Sis. Hyer, though, put hers in the same time as me, so we will be leaving together. We're pretty confident that our visas will come within the next two weeks.

Well, I know I said this in my letter, but just in case you don't get it in time, Happy Mother's Day Mom!!! Love you lots!

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