Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Best Day of My Mission So Far

5-12-13 (Mother's Day)

Today was the best day of my mission so far, and one of the most uplifting days of my life.

Yesterday, we had our first 'lesson' for a new 'investigator,' which had to be in Spanish. Hermana Lind and I worked so hard to plan and translate what we wanted to say word for word. However, despite all our planning, the lesson didn't go well because we couldn't understand him to answer his questions. I started to feel so discouraged and disappointed in myself.

So when I woke up this morning, I was feeling down, but once I got to Sacrament Meeting, things began to change. In Sacrament Meeting, which we have with our whole zone of missionaries, President Tyler chooses two missionaries to give 3 to 5 minute talks, but no one knows who until we get there, so everyone must prepare one a talk on the topic for the day. Fortunately, I wasn't called up, but those that were had been in the MTC for a while. Their thought were so uplifting and I could feel the Spirit.

Then, before Relief Society, Sister Lind and I were called in to one of the counselor's office and asked to be future Training Sisters for our whole zone, and to begin our duties next week. I had had the impression that I might be called to that position, so it wasn't too big of a surprise to me, I just didn't realize it would be so soon! We went to the training meeting and we will follow the current Training Sisters around this week. We are super excited to serve all the new and current sisters of our zone! After this happened, I felt that maybe I wasn't doing too badly if the Lord has trusted me with this responsibility.

Next, I went to the most awesome Relief Society meeting ever! First, we began by watching 'Music and the Spoken Word,' which was all about mothers and helped me feel the Spirit so strongly. I love you, Mom! I so want to be a mother. Then, we listened to a talk by Janice Kapp Perry. She is such an amazing woman. She gave us great advise and helped us know and feel what she was saying through her music. The best part was when she had us sing a new song she has been working on. It had never been sung before, so we were excited to be the first. The lyrics were so beautiful! By the end of the song, I don't think there was a dry eye in the entire gym.

After that, I was feeling so much better. Hermana Lind and I decided to join in with the choir to sing at next Tuesday's devotional. We get to sing "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing," which is one of my favorites. Today, music has uplifted my attitude and feelings. I haven't felt the Spirit so strongly in a long time! I LOVE MUSIC!

Me and my Hermanas
The best part of my whole day, though, was the very last part at the Sunday Night Devotional. We watched "Character of Christ," which is a talk that was given by Elder Bednar a few years ago to the missionaries in the MTC on Christmas Day. It blew my mind! I don't know if you can watch it, but I highly recommend doing so. My mission has taken on a new meaning. I need to try to turn to God, or turn away from myself. As I do this, I can be converted. Having a testimony of the Gospel isn't enough. One must also be converted, or be consistently true to what they know, in order to be a lifelong disciple of Christ. If I lose myself in serving others and trying to become like the 'Character of Christ,' I will find myself without looking for myself. I know this is true!

I love my Hermanas and I am super excited to be a training leader. Since I am looking forward to being with them and serving the new sisters, I don't want to leave the Provo MTC any sooner than 6 weeks anymore! However, this may mean that my visa may actually come soon now. Oh, well. Come what may, and love it!

With love, Hermana Olsen

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