Sunday, May 19, 2013

First Day

May 8th, 2013

Lots of happy, smiling missionaries on the curb as we arrived

What a busy day! When my parents pulled up to the curb of the MTC, we were greeted by a bunch of Elder and Sister missionaries who were all waving and smiling. My parents were joking that the MTC must conduct "Homesickness Interviews" the day before, and if any of the Elders or Sisters fail, they're not allowed anywhere near the curb on that first day :).

One last hug with my family

One of the Sister missionaries stepped up out of the crowd, and she introduced herself as Sister Caldwell, my 'Host Sister.' All the missionaries helped me with my luggage, which is great because my biggest bag weighs about 42 pounds. After one final hug with my family, they hopped back into the car and were gone.

Sister Caldwell (with the black bow in her hair)

Sister Caldwell took me around the campus to become more acquainted with the MTC, and gave me lost of great tips on how to survive the MTC, like the benefits of doing laundry at 4:30 in the morning and not drinking the orange juice. She also helped me when my key wouldn't work to get into my room. She is almost ready to leave the MTC and is really nice.

I then met my companion. Her name is Sister Lind, and she is way cool. She's funny and pretty down to earth. Right now, I'm rooming with two other girls and we all seem to get along great and we're becoming fast friends.

After getting all my luggage in my room, we had classroom time, orientation, dinner, and then a teaching experience. I learned a lot about how to teach people, and how to rely on the Spirit when I teach. I told my companions the '3 C's' Dad told me. They loved them! I will definitely remember them while I'm serving.

My President here in the MTC is President Tyler. He is almost like listening to a General Authority! He has asked us to memorize D&C 6:36 -- "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." I really like that scripture!

Me and my companion, Sister Lind
One thing that may be hard while I'm here is that we're supposed to refrain from using sarcasm... struggle! I'll do my best haha :). I also found out that the last day of my mission will be November 18th, 2014, so the day after my birthday! What a present it will be to come home on that day :).

After my first day, I already feel like I'm learning so much! I was pleasantly surprised by how much Spanish I knew. I'm definitely not going to find learning to speak it easy, but I'm off to a great start. While I know it will be hard to learn the language and the lessons, I know the Lord will help me and that I can do it -- working hard and having fun, serving the Lord as His missionary.

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