Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Transfers and the Missionaries on the Bus Go Up and Down

As I mentioned last week, we had transfers 1 week ago, and I had to say goodbye to El Trebol. I only had time to despedir a few people. I included a few pictures of some of them. I haven't heard from Hermana Pinto about W.'s baptism plans, but if things go as we hoped, she should still be baptized this coming Saturday! I sure hope she will be!

The bishop in El Trebol, along with his wife and a
hermana who invited the missionaries in the ward to breakfast. 

In my new area, we are teaching the S. family right now and trying to help them be baptized this week. However, they still need a few lessons and their daughter, M., is still on the fence, so it will be a small miracle it it all comes together in time for this Saturday. But if not, we'll try for Saturday, September 27th (the 20th and 21st are Stake Conference).

I'm excited that Elder Olsen got to Mexico alright! It's kind of sad that his P-Day is on Tuesdays right now, because that means I have to wait until next week to hear from him ... ug. But that's OK.

Hermana Cardozo, me, and Hermana McIntosh

So these are my new comps! Hermana McIntosh and Hermana Cardozo (she is shorter).They are pretty awesome and funny. We are getting along great and are enjoying working hard together. I have to say they're both a little crazy, but it keeps us from getting bored -- ha ha!

Our bus full of missionaries on our way to the conference.
I also included a picture of our bus as we rode to the big Area Conference (the one I performed my musical number for). There were five buses of missionaries! It was pretty cool to see almost the whole mission there!

This week we also did an awesome service! We got together as a stake (stake missionaries also) to help the community. The city was planting trees and laying sod in different areas and we helped lay some of the sod between two busy roads. In our group there were about 30 of us, and we got an entire truck load of sod laid down in about 25 minutes! It was a huge truckload! Anyway, it was a lot of fun. I didn't take pics, but my companions did, however, they both forgot their cameras today... so the sod pics will follow next week!
Our first correlation in my new area with the Elders in our ward.

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