Monday, September 29, 2014

A Pretty Great Week!

So this past week we helped S. Pacheco be baptized and we finished reactivating his family. We're super happy for them! They are super active in the church and want to invite everyone to do a noche de hogar -- ha ha. Hermano Pacheco is helping out a lot with the ward choir. Hermana Leon, the bishop's wife and choir director, has a violin and she asked me to play with the choir in Sacrament Meeting and in a devotional. It was fun to play a little bit and help the choir. Oh, and FYI, the bishop really is called Obispo Leon...and do you know what his name is? Rey!!! His name is Rey Leon -- ha ha (For you gringos: Leon = Lion, Rey = King, or "Lion King"). Que chistoso! Tenemos hacunamatata cada Domingo en Consejo de Barrio ja ja.
S. and his dad.

 And guess what else? W. in my last area was baptized! I finally got the pics. I am so happy for her!

This week we also had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders. I went with Hermana Villatoro to Puente Piedra for 24 hours. It was really great and I learned a lot from her. She is really good at contacting and taught me how to contact better and gave me some really great ideas.

I really loved Women's Conference! Well, what I saw. On Saturday we had our baptism in the morning and in the afternoon there was another baptism in the district that we had to go to, so we got to the Women's Conference about 20 minutes late! I was dying because I wanted to see all of it. I missed the Korean children's choir, so I'll have to look it up and watch it. I loved how President Uchtdorf really said things how they are! It was so good! Be obedient!

The Pacheco family at S.'s baptism.
Hermana McIntosh taught me this morning how to knit. She says it's to relieve stress, but right now I feel like it stressed me out even more -- ha ha.

Speaking of stress, we had a pretty busy and crazy week! I'm glad it's over. Hermana McIntosh had to go to the doctor on Wednesday morning but we had appointments. So, we did divisions in the morning and I stayed in the area to work with a member. Then on Thursday afternoon we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders, and we had to prepare for our baptism on Saturday, and just lots of things. We're also stressing because Hermana McIntosh ruined the floor in our apartment. I don't know what she was thinking, but she thought it was a good idea to use bleach to clean the black porcelain tile. BAD IDEA! She put the bleach directly on the floor and then used a wet mop to spread it around. Now the tile has grey spots. She calls it the "dalmation floor." So anyway, the sister who lent us the apartment is really nice, but she wants to replace the entire floor, and the tiling is really expensive. Hermana McIntosh is dying because it's a lot of money, but what can she do? We called the mission and they're going to send someone to look at it and change the tile hopefully for cheaper (the guy the landlady found wants about 950 soles!). So ya, kind of a stressful week for that. But we have faith that it'll work out. Just always remember to NEVER use bleach to clean a black tile floor. NEVER!

We also had a really good Zone Conference with Presidente Archibald. He talked a lot about how we need to find people to teach and drop those that aren't progressing. But you know what happened? He invited me up to do a demonstration with ping pong balls. I had two balls taped to my hands that represented two families that aren't progressing but I don't want to drop, and I had to try to grab the other balls he threw to me. Another missionary was grabbing the balls but without anything taped to her hands. Obviously, she was able to grab more balls. But while president was throwing balls at me saying ¨Here's a family of 4! Here's a family of 5!¨ He threw one and said ¨This one is single!¨ Well, I was already trying to grab all the balls and I was actually able to catch that one...and you know what he said? "Oh no, it looks like Hermana Olsen is already trunky! She is thinking about singles!¨ So, later in the conference he said again that I was trunky....and my companions are having a hay day -- ha ha! They take every moment to remind me that I'm trunky because if President Archibald says so, it has to be true. So there you have it, my mission president thinks I'm trunky! Oh dear.

Now, we're packing our bags because tomorrow we're going to move to our new apartment. Lots to do this week, but we're working hard. Hope all is going well back home and with Alex in the Mexico City CCM.

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