Monday, September 22, 2014

Stake Conference, Domino's, and A New Apartment

So, this week was Stake Conference here in Los Olivos and Elder Calderon of the Seventy came and talked in the conference. He says things how they are and invites us to repent. I loved listening to his talks and I know some of the things that I need to do to be better. I hope that he helped the leaders to realize some of the things they need to do better as well. He explained even more about the function of a Seventy and the role of leaders, including keys. It was really interesting!

We've also been working with the P. family and helping their son S. prepare for his baptism. They are a really great family! They love music and the father is a professional pianist. He also sings really well! We love this family and we're so happy to be able to help them so that they can begin preparing to go to the temple.

Not sure whether the Domino's near our apartment
is a good thing or bad thing. Yum!
We also were walking one night, really tired because all of our appointments had fallen through, when we saw a pizza flier that informed us that there is now a Domino's pizza really close to our house...with free delivery! So, of course we bought a pizza to share! Yum!

Here is the grand view from our current apartment!
Happy first day of Spring from the Southern Hemisphere!
Oh, and we also found a new place to live! We can only live in our aparment for the month of September, so we'd been looking like crazy for a new place. I'd been praying all morning that God would guide us to a place that met all the strict requirements. So, after looking for over an hour in the morning, we began walking to our appointment and, lo and behold, we see a sign on a beautiful house that is renting out apartments! The landlady lives on the first floor alone, and there's only a married couple that lives on the 3rd floor. She told us she doesn't rent to single men or couples with little kids, so we should be good and on Sep. 30th we'll be moving into our new apartment! It's super nice and new and has a big kitchen and two bedrooms! yay! We're super happy. We also found a spider in our apartment this week, but I'm just glad that here in Lima there aren't any tarantulas! Yuk!

We're getting better at waking up in the morning. My companions are trying to be better about the schedule, and we're seeing good results. We're having fun and looking for new people to teach. I think that that is our biggest challenge right now, finding new people to teach! Most of the people we contact fall through, so we need to contact even more.

And here in Peru it's the first day of spring! I am so happy that it should start warming up now, because it's kind of chilly, especially at night! Anyway, that's about it this week. Tell everyone at home thank you for the prayers and emails and letters. They mean a lot to me!

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