Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Family History and Zone Conference

Monday, June 30th

Well, here in Peru not a lot really happened this week, but my parents sent me some stories and family trees that talk about my pioneer ancestors!! I loved reading about them, and lots of other missionaries looked at them too and think that they are so cool. Here in Peru, they've been focusing a TON on family history work, so the Gospel Principles teacher (who is also our ward mission leader) asked me to bring the papers and share a little bit and show the charts on the back. Everyone thought that it was amazing how far back they go...to the 1700s! Here in Peru, it's a lot harder to find the information about their ancestors because many people are from provincias or the amazon where they don't keep any kind of records. However, many are trying to find information about their parents and grandparents. I am so grateful that a lot of my family history work has already been done! I love being able to read the stories and learn more about where our family came from.
Our Zone Leaders bought us pizza last Monday! It was super yummy!

Just a random gorilla we ran into while tracting
This week has been kind of hard. Almost everything we had fell through, and it was just a lot of running around. Hermana Pinto has taken it kind of hard. However, this week we had a multi-zone conference with President Archibald and afterwards interviews. President told me many things that I needed to hear in my interview. I don't want to come back home with any regrets, and I feel like here I'm just not progressing. He told me that we really need to get out and work and push ourselves even harder. Having success in this area is possible, we just need to put our trust in the Lord that He'll put those that are prepared in our path. So Hermana Pinto and I are really trying to work even harder and talk with more people. We have lots of hope for this week that we will be able to find families that are prepared.

Yeah, we had to stop and get a picture with the gorilla.
I really am grateful for this chance that I have to be here in Peru, and I don't want to waste any time. There is so much that I feel I can do here! I hope everyone at home has a great 4th of July. On July 4th, Hermana Pinto completes 7 months in the mission and I complete one year here in Peru! Woohoo! It's gotta be a good week!

We did help a less active family in our area to paint the front of their house. It was a little hard because it was the second floor and the ladders were kinda of old, but we made it work.  only went up there on the ladder for a few minutes because I'm kinda scared of heights, but I helped paint up there! It was a great service. This week, my companion and I and the Elders in our ward are going to go back to finish. I'll send pics next week.

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