Monday, May 5, 2014

BBQ, New 'Do, and Mexican Chili Dogs in Peru

Welcome To the Ward" BBQ
We had a 'Welcome-to-the-Ward` BBQ for Andres, and Hermana Jaramillo once again showed us how they do it in Mexico. She loves to cook, and the activity turned out really well.

Me and Hermana Jaramillo manning the grill

My new haircut and make-up

Hermana Jaramillo studied in Beauty School before her mission, so she convinced me to let her cut my hair. Then she wanted to do my makeup also, and I told her that was fine. So, I got a new look -- ha ha. A few days later, a lady in the ward held a face-painting activity. Only a few people came, so we decided to get our faces painted.

Hermana Jaramillo taught me how to make Mexican chili dogs. They were super good! I will totally make them when I get back home! I also know how to make really yummy tortillas! I made myself some guacamole and tortillas and had a food fest! Also, if there is one food I am absolutely craving right now, it's a Cafe Rio pork burrito! Oh! Hermana Jaramillo makes really good Mexican food, but I am just dying for one of those burritos -- enchilada style, of course.

My first Mexican Chili Dog. Who would have thought
I would serve a mission in Peru and learn
how to cook Mexican food?

Here in Peru, it has finally cooled down! I am soooo grateful to not have to deal with the heat anymore! It's the perfect temperature right now! Hermana Jaramillo, however, is dying! She thinks it is so cold, but winter hasn't even begun yet. It'll be interesting to see how she survives the next 6 months.This week I hit my year mark in the mission! It is crazy how the time can fly!

I hope that my Grandmas have an awesome Mother's Day! Give them a big hug from me! I can't wait to talk to everyone on Mother's Day! I am so excited!

Having fun at the face painting activity.

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