Monday, May 19, 2014

Visa Fun

Hola! This is Hermana Jaramillo :)
Hermana Olsen won't be able to write today because she has gone to Ecuador to renew her visa! She'll write and explain next week, but she said to send her love and hopes everyone at home has a great week!
Thank you!! :) Bye.


  1. Hi, my daughter is going to be serving in the Lima West mission in a few months and we are wondering what advice you can give about things to be sure and bring and what to not bring? Hygiene products, types of shoes, gospel books, ?? Any advice will be appreciated. She leaves July 15, going to the MTC in Mexico for 2 weeks, then to Lima. Her name is Jenna Ahern. Thanks

    1. This is her parents, who manage her blog. I will pass along your questions and she should be able to answer them next week. We can tell you that Jenna will do lots of walking, so comfortable shoes are very important, and be warned, they don't have any women's shoes over size 8 in Peru.

  2. well, Janell. I served in Lima West Mission. the best mission in the world. Yay!!
    well, just bring coat for the winter, confortable shoes because she is going to walk and walk. She will enjoy her mission, I know. Sorry I am Patricia, from Lima, Peru.Married and sealed in Temple Lima Peru, have 2 baby girls.