Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Earthquake? and Tallerines Verdes

My parents asked me about the earthquake in Peru on Sunday. Wow, there was an earthquake? I didn't feel a thing! Apparently there's little "temblores" or shakes every few weeks, but luckily, I've only felt one once. I was out washing the dishes and I felt a huge bump and I thought there had been an explosion or something because there's lots of construction going on. But ya, I normally don't feel anything!

My mission president's wife, Hermana Archibald, is helping me get my violin shoulder rest from home for my musical number in less than two weeks. My bishop back home had some family members flying back to Peru a week ago, so my parents sent the package with them. On Wednesday, we had a multi-zone conference and Hermana Archibald told me that she called Mom and got some of the details. I hope everything gets worked out! The only problem is that if I get transferred tomorrow, I won't be able to take the violin with me to practice...it'll be a miracle if I can get the shoulder rest in time to practice! But ya, I know it'll all work out great. I am super excited for the musical number, but still a little nervous. The bummer is that we know that Elder Anderson won't be coming anymore because he has an emergency meeting in Salt Lake City on the 30th and 31st of August...so kind of a bummer, but we're still going to play for the conference. I had to laugh because Hermana Archibald said when she talked to my Mom on the phone it sounded like she was talking to me. She said I sound just like my mother. Even after 15 months apart, we're still the same!

We were finally able to talk to W. on Saturday! She had a crazy week; she was sick, she went with her Dad, she signed up for her university classes, among other things. She is still super excited for her baptism, which will now be on the 6th of September. We went to pick her up for church yesterday, and it was a good thing we did because her mom had to work and W. was left to watch her brother. We helped her to pick up the house a little bit and get ready to go, and we went with her and her brother to church. It was great to see her there, and the ward members are really helping us to befriend her. She will be a great member!
Homemade tallerines verdes and meatballs -- yummy!

This week we contacted more than I ever have in one week during my mission! The sad thing is that almost everything we had for the week fell through, which led us to even more contacting. But it was a good experience, full of little miracles and great opportunities. Next week we have a lot of appointments lined up with contacts. Hopefully some of them become new investigators! At least we know where they live -- ha ha!

Hermana Pinto and I also decided we wanted to try to make tallerines verdes...and it worked! It was so good! I can't wait to make them for you guys when I get back! Hermana Pinto also made her mom's meatballs...yum!

This week will be a little crazy for me. I'll find out today if I get transferred...I'm so nervous! If I get transferred, I'll be in another area until I finish my mission. If I don't get transferred, I have no idea if I'm going to just stay here or if I'll be changed on my last transfer. I hope that I don't get changed on my last transfer, because I'll have to get to know a new area and I won't know anyone. It'll be hard to help the area to progress much before I leave. Anyway, I'll see what happens!

I just wanted to tell my brother, Alex, I love him and I am so proud of him as he gets ready to leave on his mission to Nicaragua! I tell everyone here that my brother is getting ready to go on a mission in one week! I am so excited for him and know he will be an amazing missionary!

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