Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Choir Practice and Knocking on Doors

Well, yesterday we were disappointed because W. didn't make it to church. She went with her Dad (her parents are separated) and was gone all weekend. So, we're going to have to change her baptismal date for the 6th of September (because August 30th is a conference). I'm super bummed becuase I'm pretty sure I'm going to be transfered next week and I won't be here when she get's baptized. But hey, the most important thing is that she gets baptized!

Last Monday we had a choir practice, and afterwards we all pitched in and bought pizza! Yum! We took a pic with all the girls in the choir. The song that we're playing is an arrangement of Joseph Smith's First Prayer and Hark all Ye Nations. During the practice, they changed my part a little bit, so I need to practice some more. The notes really aren't hard, I just need to regain my confidence in remembering where to put my fingers. It will be really pretty I think! The choir is great and the pianist is amazing...so I just need to practice my part!

The second picture is our district. Elder Paredes left this week for home, and his companion Elder Huaman is in another area, so we're definitely going to have changes in our district for transfers. And you know what? Hermana Larsen ya se va! She's finishing her mission in a week! I can hardly believe it. I remember when I was with her and she hit her 9-month-mark. Her parents are coming to pick her up on Monday and she'll be headed back home the next week. I hope that all goes well with her and that we'll stay in contact after I get home.

Just a side note: My parents told me about all the tributes to Robin Williams. Well, down here in Peru, they're also lamenting his death. Everyone is watching his movies on the TV. That's really too bad about his passing. He was a pretty funny guy.

Anyway, not a whole lot new. I've come to realize the benefits of knocking on doors instead of contacting in the street....when you knock on doors they can't lie to you about where they live, cause you already know! This week, almost all the contacts we made lied about where they live. I think that this week we'll try more knocking on doors and less contacting in the street and see if it yields more fruits. So ya, still working hard.

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