Monday, September 9, 2013

Obra Misional, Pizza, and Dead Dog

Well, this was a really tough week. Every day, either all or almost all of our appointments fell through. We were unable to meet with nearly every one of our investigators and we only found a few new people to teach. Super frustrating! We even ran into a bunch of Jehovah's Witnesses this week, and they always like to throw scriptures at us (figuratively, not literally) and tell us we're wrong, so that was exciting. On the bright side, we are teaching piano lessons once a week and English classes twice a week. We are getting a pretty good turn out. They announced the times in Sacrament Meeting this week and lots of people said they want to come!

Hermana Larsen and I had to give the talks in Sacrament Meeting this week about the obra misional (missionary work). It actually wasn't too hard and I wasn't really nervous this time. The talks went well and I think they could understand at least part of what I said, so it was a success! 

Me, Super Awesome Sharon, and Hermana Larson
The members are great and really want to help us. Even though we don't have any progressing investigators, we had lots of less actives attend sacrament meeting this week! At least some of our hard work is paying off. We have one member named Sharon, who is a young adult in our ward and really wants to serve a mission. She is 18 right now, so she can leave next year. However, she is super awesome and comes with us at least three days each week. She will be a great missionary.

Last month, our zone met our baptismal goal, and we were one of the only zones in the mission to do that. So, President and Sister Archibald came to our zone meeting last Wednesday and spoke and then bought us pizza afterwards. It was pretty cool!

My sister loves dogs, so she would love Lima because there are a lot of dogs. Anyway, there's a dog in our area that we see laying in the middle of the road all the time. We don't know why he lies in the middle of the road, and we're super surprised that he's still alive. Anyway, he is our new amigo and we call him Dead Dog because sometimes he looks like he's dead in the middle of the road, but he's really not -- ha ha.

Other than that, nothing really new this week. Starting to warm up here, so hopefully the jacket weather is almost over! I heard about the flooding back home, which is crazy. It never rains here in Lima, it only ever mists! (I've almost forgot what rain feels/looks like.) As it gets warmer, there are more days with sunshine and the skies are becoming less gray, so maybe I can take some pretty pictures soon!

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