Monday, June 2, 2014

A Plethora of Activities: Ping Pong, Movie Night, Choir Recital, Game Night, FHE, and a Moving Party!

Zone P-Day Ping-Pong Tournament
Three weeks ago, we had Zone P-day and we played ping pong as a tournament and then we ate completos. It was delicious and pretty fun. If you're wondering, I didn't get a chance to play singles because it got too late, and so I only had a chance to play doubles with my companion. Well, she's never played ping pong before, and we lost terribly. But hey, we had some fun.

Cleaning up after the Movie Activity.
Thanks Mom and Dad for the new BYU shirts!
We had a mission activity one week ago on Friday where we had a movie night and everyone from our ward and another ward were invited. We actually had an entire PF and less active family come! We were so happy! We served popcorn and soda, so as you can imagine, the chapel was a disaster afterwards. The next day, Hermana Jaramillo and I went and cleaned the chapel in our new BYU shirts. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Our Ward Choir -- I'm in the back row on the left.

The stake decided to do a Choir Recital, with a choir from every ward participating. The Bishop asked my companion and I to help the ward choir as a service, with me playing the piano and my companion singing. It was a lot of work, but it was fun. The ward decided to buy dresses, and they bought them for me and my companion. They are such a pretty color! The choir turned out really well! It was a lot of fun.

I just love the color of the dresses they bought
us for the Stake Choir Recital.

Last Monday we said goodbye to Elder Bulacio by throwing a surprise party for him in the church. I don't know him very well because he's in the other district in our zone, but he seems like a really great missionary. He's going home tomorrow!

Hermana Jaramillo thinks it is already too cold!

I'm sorry that it's getting hotter there in Utah, but I'm happy that here it has cooled off completely! I think the autumn here feels just great, but my companion doesn't seem to like it very much. She's already cold, and winter hasn't even begun yet.
Game Night.

Last Friday night, we had a game night in the church, our ward combined with the other ward in our building. It actually turned out pretty well and quite a few people showed up. We played lots of games. Unfortunately, I didn't win a single one -- ha ha!

Game Night.

Aji de Gallina -- Yummy!

So, Hermana Caballero made ají de gallina for us this week. It was really good! Her family is super nice.

Family Home Evening and tacos with the Guillen family.
Hermana Jaramillo and the Guillen Family
We also had a FHE with the Guillen family this week. We made tacos with them, and they were super delicious! We are super happy for the Guillen family! We were able to teach them twice this week, and they told us how grateful they are for our help in returning to the Church. They really want to make this step in their lives, and are really pushing for their son C. to go on a mission. I feel so blessed to have been able to help this family.

Tacos with the Guillen Family
I  really am grateful for this opportunity that I have to be here serving a mission. One thing that Hermana Jaramillo has shown me by example is how much I need to value my time as a missionary. She loves being here and has such a love for the people. She has told me that she just wants to stay here and be a missionary forever. I have learned a lot from her during my time as her companion, but tomorrow is cambios and I have a feeling one of us will be transferred. I want to really enjoy and give my all these last few cambios that I have.
Service Project: Our Zone helped a family move.
Fortunately, they lived on the first floor -- ha ha!

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