Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Strawberry Ice Cream and New Families to Teach

Sol's parents, me, and Hermana Larsen

Sol, Me, and Hermana Larsen

Last night, we visited some less actives members for the first time that we found while we were contacting. The Dad made homemade strawberry ice cream and gave us some! I never thought I'd get that in Peru! It was so good!

I'm doing great this week. We are finding lots of people to teach. There's two new rules in the mission. The first is that every morning at 8 am we have to pray to find families. The second is that if we see a family in our path, we have to contact them no matter what. In the area where we are, there are tons of families! We have found so many to teach! This week, we have found lots of families, and yesterday we had our first opportunity to begin teaching some of them. Our first family is a family of 7, where 5 of them are old enough to be baptized. We had a noche de hogar to gain their confidence, and when we ended, the Dad actually asked us when we can come back and where and what time is our church! We are super excited to work with this family. During our contacting, we met a couple with their baby, and they are already members. They have lived in our ward for years, but only went to church once when they first moved in, so we don't have their records and had no idea that they even lived here. They gave pension for the missionaries for years before they moved in, and told us that they want to come back! We are super glad that we found them and that they can strengthen our ward. We are having lots of success in finding families, and we will never be short of contacts to go and visit. These new rules are inspired because we are having lots of work and meeting so many people to teach.
Sports night at the church.
The ward members say I'm good at volleyball, but it
might just be because I'm taller than everyone else.

Hermana Morales is doing great despite her grandmother's death. She has been so strong. Pres Archibald called her on Monday to talk to her and she has been working super hard. I have lots of respect for her. She doesn't seem sad anymore and we are getting better and better every week.
Hermana Morales and I having dinner with Sol and her family.
FYI, I still don't have my Christmas package even though the zone leaders have it, but I am bugging them to get my package because my feet hurt! So hopefully I will get the package this week.

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