Monday, November 11, 2013

New Area, New Pensionista, and Celebrating My 6-Month Mark

Well, we started working in our new area this past week. So we're learning where people live and who our new investigators are. Unfortunately, we're still living in our garage apartment in the old area, which is a 20-minute walk to the new area. However, we're hoping to move out of the garage and into our new apartment this week. We'll see how it goes. The apartment is really nice and has a kitchen, so I am super duper excited to live there.

So in my new area, we've been trying to find members and get to know them. One thing that really improved our relationship with the Relief Society President was that we asked her if she could be our pensionista. She accepted, and so a few days before we went to her house to pay her and explain the details. When we knocked on the door, she was really stressed out. We saw that she was rushing to get platters done for her catering business. One of her clients had called only a couple of hours before asking for all of the food. She had a lot to do in only a little time. We offered our help, and talked with her while we helped prepare little sandwhiches and plate food. She was very grateful for our help, and after we had delivered the food, she took us back and talked to us for a little while. She really opened up to us. Now, when we go and eat with her, she told us she is grateful for the opportunity she has to serve us and that she recieves lots of blessings in her family when she does. This was a strong testimony builder of how service can open up the hearts of people and allow us to help them. One of our goals in our new area is to look for all of the leaders and find a way to serve them.

My language skills are slowly coming along even though I don't always realize it. A few days ago, I finished reading El Libro de Mormón for the second time since a I started my mission! By reading El Libro de Mormón, my grammar has improved a lot. My new goal for language study is to learn new words through my textbook. Hopefully I can learn new words that will help people understand me. Yesterday, we were having lunch with some recent converts who are just awesome and cook amazing. We talked during lunch about lots of different things not gospel related. Afterwards, I realized how far I've come in the language since I started my mission. I can have real conversations with people! Wow. My aunt and uncle even sent me a card and wrote it all in Spanish, and I could totally read it, which felt super awesome.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. It feels weird to think that I'll be turning 22 next week. Right now, I hope I don't get egged on my birthday! Sometimes the missionaries do on their birthday. I'll let you know. Also, this week the Relief Society will be having an activity where I will be teaching how to make Red Velvet Cupcakes! My parents sent me the recipe and I have it pretty much translated, so hopefully I can explain it to them ok. It will be fun to make cupcakes again!

And on Friday, I celebrated my 6 month mark! Yay for chocolate cake!

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